Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kindergarten Superheroes

Welcome Back to School!

Hello everyone,

It is now October and students and teachers at Oak Lake Community School have been in school for nearly a month! Mrs. Caldwell and I have been so busy with 14 new Kindergarten students that we haven't even had time to look at our blog. As you can see from the picture, I had a great summer and enjoyed the warm weather! It is cold and rainy now though and I am very happy to be in a warm classroom with 14 busy and fun children!

We are learning about superheroes in Kindergarten, and how all of us can be superheroes every day by being kind, sharing, helping others, being good listeners, and raising our hands. When we walk in the hallway, we try to be so quiet that we are INVISIBLE!

We have drawn pictures of the superhero each of us would like to be. Mrs. Obach's (Miss Hunter's) class at Hamiota Collegiate is going to write a special superhero story about each of us. We are so excited!

Stay tuned to see our superhero pictures. I'm sure you will agree that the Kindergarten students are very good artists!

Love, Barkley