Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Barkley's Busy Weekend

I was feeling cold so I snuggled in bed with my Kindergarten friend's special blanket.
I wasn't the only animal when I visited this house. There was a big black dog named Beau. He was such a nice dog! He doesn't bite little animals like me.
I am driving a ski-doo in the picture. VROOOOOOOOOOM! I wasn't wearing a helmet in this picture because I was driving really slow. I had so much fun visiting my Kindergarten friend.

Barkley's Adventures: Baking and Transformers!

Barkley had a lot of fun when he visited this Kindergarten boy's house. Barkley made cookies and even got to eat some cookies when he was there! The cookies were chocolate! Yummy!
This picture shows Barkley helping to mix the cookies.
This shows Barkley and his Kindergarten friend dressed up as transformers! Barkley's friend was Optimus Prime and Barkley was Bumblebee. Barkley had so much fun!