Monday, April 26, 2010

Week of Generosity Activities

It was Earth Day on Thursday, but we weren't at school. This week our school is having a "Week of Generosity" and we are learning how to be generous and take care of our planet. We counted how many items we threw in the garbage today. By the time lunch was finished, we threw out 76 items! On Wednesday, we are going to try and bring "litterless" lunch and snacks from home.

We planted tomato seeds this afternoon with our Grades 6/7 buddies.

Here is the picture graph we made to keep track of how many items we threw in the garbage today.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Relaxing at My Friend's House

I am relaxing in a brown chair at my Kinder friend's house. I also sat on the floor.

Thank Goodness I'm a Country Beaver!

I am visiting my new friends Cass, Callie, and Beau. They are horses. I wish that I could have ridden a horse!
Next I went to the henhouse to meet the hens. Their job is to lay eggs. Sometimes they are nice hens, other times they peck people. They didn't peck me!
I am riding my friend's dad's new quad. It can go really fast! I also watched a movie. I had so much fun on the farm!